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Cowboys and Vikings: The Toilet Bowl

Its almost the start of the fourth quarter and AD just scored to put the Vikings up 21 to 14. My two favorite teams are battling it out and I don’t know who I want to win. Both of these ball clubs are 1-3 and for the life of me I can’t understand why. They both have some of the most talented players in the league and they cannot seem to get on track. I love to watch them play and will continue to support them but who ever loses this game is gonna have to take a back seat to the winner. Only 5 teams with a 1-3 record have made the playoff since 1990 so its gonna be fair to say that the loser won’t make the playoffs.


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BlackBerry Messenger(bbm)

Yall I just got my first black berry in almost 7 years. I had to go with the Torch over the iPhone 4. I know I know, and the answer is… because I wanted to. I’ve only had it for 2 days now and I love the phone. my favorite feature is the bbm service that I’m learning is pretty much awesome. I want you all to add me or give up ur “pin”.
Heres my pin: 22D4EEF6

add me people and I’ll talk direct to you about whatever. Peace!!

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This is insane!! Most inventive Dunker I’ve ever seen

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The iPad Wanna-be: BlackBerry Playbook

Apple sets the bar that everyone else tries to match

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Dez Pays the Bill

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Subliminal Messages

I believe that was completely intentional… people are really… really… talented!

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Subliminal messages

Do you see what i see? Intentional or not?

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Makes me feel 12 again

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“System” QB

By, Allen Oh

As a former player for OSU, I keep up with them regularly and now I can be a true fan. Once I heard the hiring of Dana Holgersen as being the Offensive Coordinator, I was very excited. The reason? Because everywhere coach Holgersen has been, he’s had success at all levels. He is an apprentice of Mike Leach. He ran the offense at Texas Tech, Houston, and now OSU. There were mixed results about the hiring. The old time OSU fans were a little setback. In their minds, OSU is tailback U! Barry Sanders, Thurman Thomas are just two of the great running backs at this school. The “new school” fans loved the hiring. A true 4 wide spread attack from the apprentice of the mad scientist himself that has had a great track record at Texas Tech before getting fired. Everyone credits leach for starting this offense, but in reality, I give the credit to Hal Mumme. For those who don’t know Hal Mumme, he was the coach at Kentucky who was the mentor of Leach. Ok…let’s get back on track.

The Air raid attack was very popular when he first arrived at tech. The past years, all of his quarterbacks have thrown for over 4,500 yards and 40 plus td’s. The first QB was a high draft pick in the NFL, but became a bust. The next QB was a bust as well. Where am I going with this? The NFL had labeled these athletes as system quarterbacks. System quarterbacks means that the system they ran in college made the quarterback great. That saying makes me angry. Who says these kids were ready to be in the NFL anyways. That is the scout’s job, not anyone else. He recruited on the small budget he had, and picked up smart and accurate quarterbacks. In this system, you don’t need a strong arm to be successful. The qb needs to make his reads and be on the money with the ball.

Why am I talking about this? Brandon Weeden has thrived in the system of Dana Holgersen’s Air Raid attack. But after three games, I am hearing him being labeled as a system quarterback, which pisses me off. Brandon weeden is smart and accurate, but here is the one thing that the other quarterbacks didn’t have…a CANNON for an arm. I have seen Weeden make throws that Graham Harrell, Sonny Cumbie, and BJ Symons have never made. After hearing this label, I thought about. Aren’t all quarterbacks system quarterbacks? Think about Tim Tebow aka Superman. He was a dual threat quarterback under Urban Meyer. Alex Smith also another product of the Urban Meyer spread option attack. Both were first round picks, but ive never though they had an NFL Caliber Arm. Chase Daniel sneaked his way into the Heisman race a couple of years ago. Give me a BREAK! Played under Gary Pinkel and threw Screens to Jeremy Maclin who took 80 percent of them to the house. My point is that every quarterback is a product of the system. Where it all goes wrong for the NFL is the Spread System that 90 Percent of college teams are running. Finding a quarterback who has taken a snap under center is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So don’t blame it on the system of the coaches, blame it on the Spread Offense Fad.

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Bible in a Minute

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